Correlation is 0.983384 RMS Difference is 0.0573207

Time-series Statistics

ERA-5 2m Air Temperature 2m Air Temperature
Standard Deviation:0.239290.204584
Percent Missing:0

Closest lat/lon centers for dataset 1 bounds are: Lat: -90 to 90 Lon: 0 to 358.5 Closest lat/lon centers for dataset 2 bounds are: Lat: -90 to 90 Lon: 0 to 358.75

Output Products

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Plotted using the ERA-5 and the datasets
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For the JRA dataset: Raw data values can be obtained from JRA's webpage. Individual users should not redistribute JRA data to any third party without JMA's prior consent. The use of JRA's datases for commercial purposes is also prohibited. Please site dataset for figures as: The dataset used for this study is from the Japanese 55-year Reanalysis (JRA-55) project carried out by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). Individual users should provide JMA ( with a copy of their scientific or technical papers, publications, press releases or other communications regarding these datasets. Please add comments/suggestions to the WRIT page.

*Slope: Calculated from the NCL routine , which does a least-squares fit. Slope is given in units of 'per year'. Slope may be calculated with missing values depending on your selections of dataset, level, and variable.
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