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09/19/23Recovered WWII Pearl Harbor ship data aids climate study. (Interesting Engineering).
08/08/23How global warming favors heavy rain (Tages Anzeiger, in German).
07/20/23Trinity Nuclear Test’s Fallout Reached 46 States, Canada and Mexico, Study Finds (NYT from study).
11/02/22How centuries-old whaling logs are filling gaps in our climate knowledge (Grist).
06/27/22Hurricane numbers are decreasing in every ocean basin except for one, study finds. (CNN).
Also Tropical cyclones now ‘13% less frequent’ due to climate change (CarbonBrief), Tropical cyclones' decline a climate change sign (Manila Times), (, Tropical cyclones have decreased alongside human-caused global warming, but don't celebrate yet (Cosmos Mag), Research: Global warming contributed to decline in tropical cyclones in the 20th century (NOAA Research)
06/02/22Crowdsourced Weather Projects Boost Climate Science Research. (EOS).
02/22/22The jet stream that brought in Storm Eunice is moving northwards. (EurkAlert).
02/11/22'Snow King' Blizzard, Arctic outbreak still unmatched 123 years later. (Accuweather).
12/03/21North Atlantic hurricanes have become more frequent amid warming - study (Reuters).
12/02/21Climate modeling confirms historical records showing rise in hurricane activity (
12/02/21Study finds Atlantic hurricanes becoming more frequent, destructive (Wa. Post).
05/18/21New Global Storm Surge Reconstructions Database Draws on CPO Investments in 20th Century Reanalysis Project (NOAA/CPO).
12/15/20Evaluating the Newest Version of the NOAA-CIRES-DOE 20th Century Reanalysis Product. (NOAA/CPO).
08/13/20Weather in the Foothills. (Crescenta Valley Weekly).
08/17/20Scorching Heat in Death Valley. (Wasatch Weather Weenies).
01/15/20Rescued Records Help us Understand Science. (CIRES Spheres).
01/15/20NOAA Picks Updates Its Massive Supercomputer Generated Climate Dataset. (HPC Wire).
01/12/20NOAA Releases Extended Version of 20th Century Reanalysis Project. (Berkeley Lab). Also [Primeur Magazine].
12/11/19Video: Ahoy, landlubbers: Ancient sailors' climate logs. (Reuters).
12/11/19Weather Time Machine: Old ships' logs are giving scientists new insights into the past and future of the earth's changing climate (Reuters).
12/11/19Icebound: The climate-change secrets of 19th century ship's logs (Reuters: Climate Change). Also [Yahoo], [YourNews],[MSN], [NYTimes], [USnews]
11/18/19Reconstructing the past 200 years of global weather (US CLIVAR).
11/12/19Boulder Scientists Launch NOAA-Funded Weather ‘Time Machine’ Project (Denver CBS News. Also [MSN], [Yahoo]) [You-tube video]
10/25/19Decades of detailed weather reports pulled from old sailor's logs (National Geographic).
10/09/19Old weather “time machine” opens a treasure trove for researchers (NOAA CPO).
10/13/19Boulder scientists sharpen focus on past weather with eye to future.(Daily Camera) Also in Denver Post.
10/09/19Old Weather “Time Machine” Opens a Treasure Trove for Researchers: One key to the past is crowd-sourcing data recovery(CIRES)
10/09/19Old weather “time machine” opens a treasure trove for researcher(NOAA News). Also in WeatherNation and the Sierra Sun Times.
09/17/19Century-Old Ship Logs Show How Much Ice the Arctic Has Lost(Nexus Media)
08/13/19White House report showcases NOAA citizen science efforts(NOAA Education)
11/29/18 Inside the Seas of Knowledge Digitization Project (National Archives Foundation)
03/20/18 C3S and NOAA cooperate on integrating historical weather data for new Climate Data Store (ECMWF Copernicus Climate Change Service)
12/13/17 The 'weather detectives' using clues from the past to study changing climate (Stuff: Science)
03/28/17 A Century-Old Arctic Shipwreck Could Help Us Predict Extreme Weather (FiveThirtyEight)
07/15/16 Investigating the Great Flood of 1916 (NOAA news and updates)
06/30/16 The discovery of diaries of an English missionary living in Northland in the 1800s reveals him as New Zealand’s first meteorologist (NIWA)
06/20/16 Symposium looks at devastation of Flood of 1916. (Citizen-Times USA Today)
06/16/16 Better bad weather with oldWeather (Old Weather Blog)
06/07/16 Upcoming PRECIS (Providing REgional Climates for Impacts Studies) workshops. (UK Met Office)
05/31/16 Too windy for Zeppelins (Old Weather Blog)
01/16/16 Climatologists find ice clues in old whaling ship logbooks (ClimateWire)
03/30/15 Exploring the NOAA/CIRES Twentieth Century Global Reanalysis Version 2c (NCAR Research Data Archive Blog)
03/30/15 1938 atmospheric river that caused the Los Angeles flood of 1938 (NCAR Research Data Archive Blog)
10/20/15 Droughts and shifts in tropical circulation (The Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research)
03/17/15 Cold-Season Storms and Extreme River Flooding in Belarus (CO2 Science)
04/11/15 Palm Sunday 1965: Southern Great Lakes ravaged by one of the worst tornado outbreaks on record (United States Tornadoes)