IASOA's Data Mission

IASOA's Data Mission: to advance coordinated research objectives from independent pan-Arctic atmospheric observatories through facilitating data access and usability through a single gateway.

In support of this mission, IASOA has focused on developing the following data utilities: 

1. The IASOA Data Portal for Arctic atmospheric measurements

The IASOA Data Portal is designed to provide direct access to the different types of long-term measurements taken at each of the consortium observatories.  Because of the variety of data collected at the IASOA observatories, this is a complex and evolving process.  The IASOA community of data collectors is strongly encouraged to contribute to this effort by augmenting and checking the data portal information on a regular basis. To provide input for the IASOA Data Portal, please contact Sandy.Starkweather@noaa.gov. 

The IASOA Data Portal targets continuous atmospheric data collected at an IASOA Observatory.  It does NOT address data from campaigns, satellites or model output. 

2. Tools to interrogate supporting data sets

Tools are being developed to extract time series of model output at a single grid point, in particular the IASOA Observatory sites.  At present, a test tool has been developed for extracting model output from the following archives at the NOAA Earth Systems Research Laboratory:   

1) NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis monthly means
2) NCEP/DOE AMIP-II Reanalysis monthly means

3) North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) 

To access this tool, visit http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/data/timeseries/arctic/.

3. Tools to interrogate supporting satellite data sets

The National Snow Ice and Data Center has developed a utility to interactively subset MODIS satellite data for the IASOA Observatory sites for certain Version 5 (V005) MODIS products. The products available are:

MOD09A1, MOD10A1, MOD11A2, MCD43A1, MCD43A2, and MCD43A4

To access this tool, visit
MODIS Interactive Subsetter Tool. 

The IASOA research community is strongly encouraged to suggest other site links that are useful for interrogating gridded (surface, satellite) data sets or model output that would aid in the contextual analysis of IASOA Observatory data. For input, please contact Taneil.Uttal@noaa.gov.