Regional Processes & Transports

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 -
09:00 to 10:00
1) Introductions with some context for interest/participation (10 min, All)
2) IASOA working groups, 101? (10 min, Sandy)
3) AOS presentation + discussion (25 min, Taneil)
4) Quick survey on ideas for next steps (15 min, Timo)

IASOA Transport Working Group

April 6, 2016


Attendees: Sara Crepinsek, Sandy Starkweather, Taneil Uttal, Timo Vihma, Irina Petropavlovskikh, Matt Newman, Lantao Sun, Jessie Creamean, Matthew Shupe, Xiangdong Zhang, Von Walden, John Burkhart

Introduction of group co-chairs: Timo Vihma and Taneil Uttal, IASOA implementation scientist: Sandy Starkweather, and group members

Introduction to IASOA working groups – highlight IASOA website, showcasing other existing working groups, describe IASOA network: data, science, and services, overview of science objectives at common Arctic observatories, goals of working groups within IASOA – linking up experts, developing and sharing interoperable data products, improving documentation, developing and sharing cold weather observing practices, understanding trends, processes and forcing, improving information services, interactive collaboration abilities of IASOA working groups, coordinating scientific responses to extreme events, involvement of early career scientists in working groups, model validation potential through observations, understanding representativeness of IASOA station locations

IASOA Year of Polar Predictions and Arctic Observing Summit – AOS 2016 themes, brief tour of IASOA website, observing capacity of IASOA, IASOA data portal, interoperability of IASOA stations, monitoring properties, understanding forcing, IASOA system science, IASOA vision to develop a holistic system science approach to understanding Arctic systems, WWRP Polar Prediction Project Science Plan, objectives of YOPP that IASOA can contribute to, IASOA and YOPP are linked over the next few years, opportunities for additional synergies in the AOS theme, how IASOA coordinates with other Arctic groups – enabling science and integrating science, discussion of possible goals and future of this transport group, working group name to be resolved in future

Ideas for next steps – quick survey on ideas for next steps, small scale and large scale processes, not only interested in observations at IASOA observatories – should combine what we find at observatories to other sounding stations, remote sensing, and modeling outputs, look into how well various reanalyses capture transports, look not only at single variables but also at meridional and zonal transports, important to analyze vertical profiles of transports (moisture, air pollution, etc.), would like to look at Summit station and factors that contribute to transports and melt, Tiksi station data is also very interesting, extending analysis to holistic view is great idea and will require need to pull in other data sets, the research from this group could contribute to other working groups, develop science questions for this working group


Action Items:

  • Discuss working group name (regional processes? Transports?) – ALL
  • Ideas for next steps of working group (prospectus, science questions) – ALL
  • Send requests for any other people who should be included in the group to Sara Crepinsek ( - ALL