Wednesday, July 13, 2016 -
08:30 to 10:00


-          Introductions (ALL) – 10min

-          Presentation on Tiksi aerosol chemistry (Popovicheva) – 30min

-          Update on aerosol chemistry inventory (Creamean) – 15min

-          Update on figure of trajectory footprints (Schmeisser) – 15min


IASOA Aerosol Working Group

July 13, 2016

Attendees: Sara Crepinsek, Sandy Starkweather, Taneil Uttal, John Backman, Lauren Schmeisser, Allison McComiskey, John Ogren, Jessie Creamean, Bill Simpson, Eija Asmi, Markus Fiebig, Andreas Massling, Kostas Eleftheriadis, Olga Popovicheva


Presentation by Popovicheva – “Season dependent and source influenced aerosol on HMO Tiksi, Russian Arctic”, overview of Tiksi station and measurements, BC season trend and sampling 2014 – 2015, BC background environment, individual particle analysis, organic carbon pollution and source – tracer of waste burning, BC pollution episode in 2014, steady stratification, polluted days had increased soot and increases in sulfur by three times with a decrease in Na and Fe of natural sources, sources of pollution of Russian Arctic are prominent, Autumn is time of local emission impact, pollution episode relates to anthropogenic emission of BC and sufates and depression of marine and biogenic compounds

Typically flag local pollution events since they don’t represent entire Arctic region (physical based screening), but can analyze these local pollution events for local study and impact on local environments using physical measurements that are available at Tiksi

Opportunity to install more cloud instruments/measurements at Tiksi to further analyze these relationships

Progress on Arctic aerosol chemistry inventory

Discussion of trajectory footprints developed by Backman


Action Items:

  • Investigation of mass analysis physical processes and time period analysis (Popovicheva, Eleftheriadis, Asmi)
  • Climatology publication (Ogren, Backman, Schmeisser)


Research Group: