Wednesday, August 24, 2016 -
08:30 to 10:00


-          Introductions (ALL) – 10min

-          Updates (group to share Arctic updates) – 20min

-          Transition to new group lead (Creamean) – 10min

-          Discussion of IASOA aerosol chemistry doc – 20min

-          Future direction of aerosol group (ALL) – 30min


IASOA Aerosol Working Group

August 24, 2016

Attendees: Sara Crepinsek, Sandy Starkweather, Taneil Uttal, Lauren Schmeisser, Allison McComiskey, John Ogren, Jessie Creamean, Bill Simpson, Markus Fiebig, Andreas Massling, Kostas Eleftheriadis, Olga Popovicheva, Nicholas Spada, Aki Virkkula, Pat Sheridan, Kerri Pratt



Updates of Arctic aerosol measurements – update on climatology paper (new back trajectories) and Arctic aethalometer correction paper (get comments from group), PSD trip to Alert (Crepinsek, Uttal, Cox) – reach out to Dan Vebber, update on instrumentation and data availability at Cape Barranova, investigate aerosol impact on cloud and ice interactions on the North Slope of Alaska at Oliktok Point in spring 2017 (Creamean), use integrated samples in the Arctic so that local sources don’t out-weigh background conditions – need to establish measurement technique that can identify these types of local contamination events so that results are not skewed – look for biases to identify contamination events and identify contamination sectors so that wind circulation does not circulate locally polluted air into the clean sector (establish a dual criteria), follow-up on Zepplin measurements (Kostas to present in the future), follow-up on manuscript on tropospheric aerosols with 30 year trends as well as short term periods (Sangeeta to present in the future), follow-up on four year study at Svalbard, Lapland, Boshevik Island, and Tiksi (Aki Virkkula).

Transition to new chair Jessie Creamean – re-circulate Arctic aerosol chemistry inventory for group participation

Future direction of working group – Incorporate CCN and IN to aerosol discussion (CCN measurements already being taken at Barrow, Pallas, Zepplin, and Oliktok Point), make sure to assign a lead for this type of study or analysis so as to delegate accordingly our resources, possible collaboration with future cloud working group, focus on establishing a publication as an end goal for this type of study, also investigate where to establish future CCN and IN measurements at IASOA stations


Action Items:

  • Establish what aerosol measurements are available at Eureka (Uttal)
  • Finish inventory of long-term and campaign Arctic aerosol data (ALL)
  • Possibility of adding campaign data to IASOA portal (Uttal, Starkweather, Crepinsek)
  • Discuss AGU presentation topics (ALL) – discuss at next meeting
Research Group: