Methane, Ozone & Other Trace Gases

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 -
08:30 to 10:00


1) Introductions (ALL) - 10min

2) Update on Eureka ozone installation (Uttal) - 20min

3) Update of ozone climatology paper (McClure, Crepinsek) - 20min

4) Discussion of ozone climatology paper (ALL) - 20min

5) Brief reminder of ozone working group goals: i.e. publications


IASOA Ozone Working Group

August 31, 2016


Attendees: Sara Crepinsek, Taneil Uttal, Irina Petropavlovskikh, Audra McClure, Anna Yudina, Sverre Solberg, Shima Shams


Introduction of group members

Update on Eureka Surface Ozone Installation – direct outcome from ozone/trace gases working group, installed in late July, installed at 0PAL facility at Eureka station, data transfer processes have been successful, logistics of shipping and installing at Eureka, need to develop daily check sheet for ozone instrument, short inlet line length to minimize measurement error, detailed account of other measurements and instrument installed at Eureka, pollution at the station includes maintenance vehicles – need to assess how/if this affects the ozone measurements, look at wind roses to see how winds orient in relation to ozone inlet line

Update on Ozone Climatology Publication – Station participation: Summit, Barrow, Tiksi, Alert, Pallas, Eureka, questions to answer: Identify pan-Arctic surface ozone properties, i.e. ranges in ppb at each station, identifying spring ODEs at each station and how long they occur and when, include back trajectories when available to identify transport processes, contact transport and aerosol working groups for collaboration, identify climatological trends in pan-Arctic surface ozone, create/update IASOA inventory of surface ozone data, create/update IASOA inventory of other met/chemistry measurements like BrO and Mercury, identify if/how each station is removing local contamination from data, still need to ingest Alert, Pallas, and Zepplin, gather metadata for each station like QC processes and calibration processes and how local contamination events are removed, discussion of QC and calibration proceses of best practice will be discussed in separate future publication, maybe Zepplin, define Pallas and Summit to be control stations, include Zepplin data, look at EBAS data archive for more data, are ODE’s shifting over time or changing from year to year, look at individual station years to identify any outliers and their source


Action Items:

  • Continue work on ozone climatology publication (Crepinsek, McClure)
  • Look into how local pollution events will affect ozone measurements, define clean air sector (Crepinsek, Uttal)
  • Define time period for climatology publication (Crepinsek, McClure)
  • Are ODE’s shifting from year to year (McClure, Crepinsek)
  • Look at individual station years to identify outliers and their source (McClure, Crepinsek)
  • Send link to working group of location of new Eureka data ftp (Crepinsek)
  • Future publication to work on in parallel with climatology paper to focus on best practice processes for QC and calibrations at pan-Arctic stations (Crepinsek, McClure)