Atmosphere-Surface Exchanges

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 -
09:00 to 10:00


-          Introductions – 10min

-          Update on Eureka fluxtower installations (Uttal) – 10min

-          Brief presentation on Finland workshop and how IASOA can organize contributions to the workshop from the energy balance side (Euskirchen) – 20min

-          Discussion – 20min


IASOA Flux Working Group

September 14, 2016


Attendees: Sara Crepinsek, Taneil Uttal, Eugenie Euskirchen, Elena Konopleva, Lori Bruhwiler, Dave Billesbach, Ola Persson, Gijs de Boer, Chris Fairall, Andrey Grachev, David Cook, Chris Cox


Introduction of group members

Brief Overview of Eureka fluxtower installations – Overview of past issues with the Eureka fluxtower: riming isssues on sonic anemometers and radiometric measurements, description of travel to station, picture comparison of Eureka fluxtower before and after the site visit, new installations: two new METEK sonic anemometers at 3 and 8 meter heights, installation of two new Lufft wind 2D anemometers above and below the sonic measurements, installation of another flux plate (station now has 3 flux plates at the base of the fluxtower), replaced one upwelling and one downwelling radiometers on the top 11 meters of the fluxtower, replaced IR temperature sensor, brief overview of Eureka radiation measurements available: need to re-build entire BSRN system since it is not up to par (Cox, Crepinsek, Uttal) to complete this task in the near future, several issues at albedo rack and tracker (the tracker system was inherited from Canadians), communication to albedo rack is down but we are working to get it back up and running, can use radiometers from tower but those do have tower in frame, (suggestion that albedo rack tilt might not be harming measurements too much to do Arctic diffuse parameters – will pass this information to Cox), installation of surface ozone instrument also at Eureka

Presentation on Finland workshop and how IASOA can organize contributions to the workshop from the energy balance side – link to information available at, tentative agenda also available online: challenges and outcomes of flux measurements, process-based understanding of fluxes, top down versus bottom up approaches, synthesis, meeting is on February 6-9, goal of workshop to produce a publication result – need to still discuss products that we want to come out of the workshop, focus more on discussion and less on listening to talks/presentations, agenda is well organized to include discussion of challenges to complete synthesis, can the flux working group provide a platform to interact before meeting occurs: energy balance closure, seasonal changes in albedo, which variables from energy flux observations are most important to synthesize model-data comparisons, what can be done pre-workshop with respect to this general topic, separate discussion with organizing committee are occurring, look into potential funding sources available for attending the flux workshop, can “observational needs for modeling and upscaling” part of agenda tie into YOPP mission – can help with funding, come up with a standardize product of observational measurements for modelers to use which could also tie into YOPP (and vice versa: guide what type of measurements are needed at some of these Arctic sites), YOPP website:, Uttal to fund Grachev travel to flux workshop, goal to keep momentum after the flux workshop, high latitude CLIVAR: (Mark Bourassa)

Website Links:

Circumpolar Arctic Flux Workshop:



Action Items:

  • Discuss Flux Workshop agenda items via flux working group before February (be ready to discuss at next flux working group meeting) – ALL
  • Merge organization committee with flux working group before Flux workshop – Euskirchen, Starkweather, Uttal
  • See if any funding sources are available to attend the flux workshop – Euskirchen, Starkweather
  • See if YOPP has ability to sponsor the flux workshop – Uttal, Euskirchen,
  • Email Ted Schuur to present at next flux working group – Crepinsek
  • Put something in flux workshop agenda about how to contribute to YOPP – Euskirchen
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