Regional Processes & Transports

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 -
09:00 to 10:00


-          Introductions (ALL) – 10min

-          Presentation w/ discussion and questions: Probing the Arctic – insights from combining surface station observations and model analyses (Haiden) – 30min

-          Discussion topic: Can the IASOA Transports Working Group derive inspiration from the design of the ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment (AWARE) field campaign to brainstorm how the IASOA observatories be used to ‘quantify the role of changing air masses on the surface energy balance, including all surface energy components and cloud radiative forcing’ (ALL) – 20min



IASOA Transport Working Group

November 3, 2016


Attendees: Taneil Uttal, Timo Vihma, Irina Petropavlovskikh, Matt Newman, Lantao Sun, Jessie Creamean, Audra McClure, Alexander Makshtas, Sandy Starkweather, Chris Cox, Thomas Haiden, Vasily Kustov, Sangeeta Sharma, Ola Perrson, Michael Tjernstrom

Introduction of group members: Co-chairs: Timo Vihma, Thomas Haiden

Thomas Haiden Presentation titled: Probing the Arctic: Combining Surface Observations and Model Analysis – Excellent presentation that explored the representativeness of point observations to surrounding regions.  These were determined to be a function of variable, local topography, averaging period, season, weather regime, metric etc. 


The presentation showed downward longwave monthly anomalies compared between ERA-Interim and Observations at Barrow, Alert and Ny-Alesund.


The spatial footprints of the correlation of longwave fluxes were presented for ERA-Interim with itself and ERA-Interim v observations for Barrow, Alert and Ny-Alesund. Variance as a function of positive correlations were mapped for all the IASOA stations.  Flow and cloud effects were considered.


The group discussed in particular the effects of clouds and how they are represented in models over the Arctic.


Addition of another group co-chair: Thomas Haiden


Discussion prompts from group to continue via email:

  • Will start drafting a paper based on the presentation and will circulate (Haiden)
  • Request for additional downward longwave radiation data sets other than Barrow, Alert, Ny Alesund and Tiksi (Haiden)
  • Refer to Transports AOS white paper and indicated that this will be evolved to an article for the journal Arctic (Haiden, Vihma)
  • Since the next Transports WG will be during AGU proposed that WG members that are attending AGU meet physically for the call (ALL)
  • Haiden Is a new member of the YOPP Verification Task Team, will keep the IASOA WG informed of the developing Work Plan (Haiden)
  • Sent link to a paper of interest regarding clouds in re-analyses (Key)

  • Indicated that radiation data sets will be available from the Russian drifting stations for 2007-2014 as well as data from Cape Baranova (Makshtas)



Action Items: