Net Radiation & Clouds

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 -
09:00 to 10:00


-          EGU update (10min)

-          D-ICE brief overview (15min)

-          Arctic Report Card: IASOA to contribute? (20min)

-          CRF paper (brainstorming discussion on this) (15min)


IASOA Radiation Working Group

February 22, 2017


Attendees: Sara Crepinsek, Taneil Uttal, Chris Cox, Thomas Haiden, Chuck Long, Matthew Shupe, Diane Stanitski, Ola Persson, Diane Stanitski


Role Call

EGU update – PICO session: Cross Disciplinary Observations for an Integrated Understanding of the Arctic System, convener: Chris Cox, co-conveners: Uttal, Vihma, Neff, Key, Schoner, link:


D-ICE campaign – located in Barrow, Alaska at station, run from August 2017 – August 2018, led by Chris Cox and Sara Crepinsek, plan to deploy in July 2017, manufacturers involved: Hukseflux, Eppley, Kipp&Zonen, AWI, Eigenbrodt, PMOD, Meteoswiss, Delta-T (loaning of instruments and ventilation systems), ice-mitigation experiment, keeping domes clear of rime/ice/snow/etc., also testing different generations of instruments, testing shortwave and longwave (more focused on shortwave), GMD will calibrate all radiometers involved here at NOAA-GMD (Boulder, CO) before shipping out to campaign, experiment designed so that there is always one “stock/traditional” instrument also running in parallel to identical radiometer being run in modified/experimental ventilation or heating system, GMD standard tracker also located at same station to compare against, goal to document whether or not domes are kept clear with mitigation strategy and how mitigation strategy impacts measurement, important to evaluate ice mitigation before MOSAiC, also bringing in resources through PSD equipment purchases, discussion of rotation of instruments through different types of ventilation/heat systems so that all types of radiometers get tested during the campaign, will include camera images/video of radiometers over the year, include additional met instrumentation: temp/humidity, wind, saturation, Cox: experimentation plan, Crepinsek: implementation plan


Action Items:

  • Experimentation Plan for D-ICE (Cox)
  • Implementation Plan for D-ICE (Crepinsek)
Research Group: