Net Radiation & Clouds

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 -
09:00 to 10:00


- Pan-Arctic Radiation publication (Cox) - 20min

- Summit radiometer calibrations (Walden) - 20min

- Discussion (ALL) - 10min


IASOA Radiation Working Group

May 17, 2017


Attendees: Sara Crepinsek, Chris Cox, Chuck Long, Bob Stone, Von Walden, Diane Stanitski, Allison McComiskey, Matthew Shupe, Gijs deBoer, Gabriela Shaepman, Elin McIlhattan


Introduction of group members

Discussion of D-ICE, EGU, BAMS publication – Update on D-ICE: schedule has shifted to building entire system before calibration and then running calibration as an entire system (loggers, etc.), in the process of building the table as well, update on EGU: Observations of the Surface Radiation Budget and Cloud Radiative Forcing from pan-Arctic Land Sites, poster for GMAC and CIRES, start doing analysis on all IASOA stations, already have Barrow and Ny-Alesund analysis started, overview of data sets, methods, albedo and snow cover, fractional cloud cover, cloud radiative forcing, and cloud optical depth, update on BAMS article: almost submitted

Discuss of Summit Radiometer Calibrations – overview of BBrad from Koni Steffen and GMD rad (which has plans to be pulled out of Summit station in the near future due to funding), Steffen rads not calibrated since early 2000’s (15+ years ago), need to think about long term plan to continue to calibration Steffen rad system so that there is overlap with current GMD rad system on-site, current plan to have Steffen system shipped to NOAA for calibration in the next few weeks, then will be re-installed in July 2017, Steffen measurements to continue through 2020 with funding, need to keep in close contact with technicians on-site for re-deployment of Steffen rad system once it has been recalibrated, discuss having a spare set of rads to circulate through calibration schedule, need overlap period between newly calibrated Steffen system and current GMD system on-site (see if this can occur for one year), investigate differences between newly calibrated Steffen system and GMD system, Steffen system used heated ventilation for the radiation suite of instruments, need details of this ventilation and heating system to better analyze impact on measurements, this system will also likely need to be refurbished since it likely has not been maintained since early 2000’s along with radiometers (no documentation), results from D-ICE campaign will assist in recommending ventilation units to use for Arctic conditions


Action Items:

  • Develop plan for Summit calibration rotation (Long, Walden, McComiskey)
  • Develop plan for re-installation of Steffen radiometers after calibration (McComiskey, Long, Walden)
  • Discuss if Steffen can hand off radiation suite after 2020 (McComiskey, Long, Shupe)
  • Investigate any campaigns that might have radiation data during summer months during the period 2000 – present (Long, Cox, Walden, Crepinsek)
  • Request that ALL pieces (radiometers, ventilation unit, tracker(s), heating elements) from Steffen radiation suite be sent down to NOAA for calibration and refurbishing (McComiskey, Shupe, Long)
Research Group: