Net Radiation & Clouds

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 -
09:00 to 10:00


-          Introductions/Role Call – 5min

-          Discussion of priorities (ALL) – 45min


IASOA Radiation & Clouds Working Group

November 1, 2017


Attendees: Sara Morris, Chris Cox, Chuck Long, Bob Stone, Allison McComiskey, Taneil Uttal, Alessio Bozzo, Lantao Sun, Ola Persson


Role Call of group members


Discussion of Working Group Priorities –  

  1. Improving models (biases in ECMWF), water vapor continuum
  2. CRF data set (WG asset)
  3. Atmospheric transports and/or seasonal snow/ice cover

Discussion of 1):

  • Use of observations to improve models
  • Better represent aspects: spectral IR, AERI instrumentation, water vapor continuum bias
  • Update and re-run previous years of model data once resolved
  • Summit and Eureka researchers contributions/collaborations of observations with models
  • Bring in NOAA/U.S. experts to assist in model parameterizations
    • Could use these parameters for more than one model if modelers work on the process together
  • Use of column profiles for top of atmosphere boundary condition
    • OLR PSD product
    • Real-time GMD product

Discussion of 2):

  • Biases in ECMWF, CRF/cloud longevity
    • Example of model biases provided by Alessio showing ECMWF compared to rad obs
    • Need observations to compare against in more locations
      • Separate clear and cloudy radiation measurements (cloud forcing dataset)
      • Coastal seasonal observations
      • Spectral radiation observations (and infrared)
    • Be aware of tilt issue is using datasets collected on ice sheets or boats
    • Be aware of riming issue on instrumentation
    • Suggest using Alert data set: is stationary and coastal
  • MOSAiC is an opportunity to collect and provide data that would be useful for model outputs
    • What data format is best for modeling community if observations are provided
  • ECMWF model outputs from coastal super-sites as product of YOPP initiative
  • Add ECMWF to IASOA model list for extracting monthly Arctic time series
    • Also add in observations
    • Need to get permission to house and serve ECMWF model output data on IASOA portal

Action Items:

  • See how Summit and Eureka can contribute their observations to the ECMWF model (Cox, Bozzo)
  • Look to see if U.S./NOAA modelers have interest in contribution to biases being asses in ECMWF model - - can these biases also be accounted for in NOAA models (Uttal)
  • OLR PSD product information (Uttal)
  • What data products and formats are needed from MOSAiC to facilitate modeling communities inclusion of observations into models (Cox, Bozzo, Persson)
  • ECMWF model outputs as a YOPP initiative (Bozzo, Uttal, Long)
  • Add ECMWF model outputs to IASOA Time Series page - - get permission from ECMWF (Uttal, Bozzo)
Research Group: