Regional Processes & Transports

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 -
09:00 to 10:00


-          Introduce potential joint studies (Vihma) – 15min

-          Discussion of relevant plans and interests of WG members to participate in studies discussed (ALL) – 45min


IASOA Regional Processes and Transport Working Group

November 15, 2017


Attendees: Sara Morris, Taneil Uttal, Timo Vihma, Dorthe Handorf, Joseph Sedlar, Audra McClure, Chris Cox, William Neff, Lantao Sun

Roll Call

Discussion of joint studies and relevant plans/interests of WG members (Vihma, ALL) – Overview of seven studies (drafted by Vihma, Overland, Uttal) to see if any WG members are interested in participating

  1. Strong Arctic – mid-latitude interaction events, e.g. in winter 2015-2016 as seen in IASOA observatories (potential participants: Overland leades, Cox, Vihma, Handorf, Uttal, Neff, Maturilli, Sun, Solomon)
    • Combine observations from IASOA with re-analysis model runs
    • Also investigate how temp transports behave at other locations beside observatories
    • Look at ERA5 recent history profiles, comparative to other model simulations, identifying extreme events through SOM analysis
    • Dorthe Handorf to participate: internal variability and boundary conditions throughout seasons (2015-2016)
    • Neff: very interesting winter 2015-2016 for multitude of reasons, many fascinating events to explain/analyze in models
    • Identify time in 2015 to start model runs to diagnose events (as well as end point)
      • Also, what is purpose of runs (what events specifically investigating)
    • Do have access to a grad student (Handorf) to help with study
    • Types of forecast models to use: short-medium range forecast model, global and local – up for discussion
  2. Sensitivity of atmospheric profiles of wind, temperature, moisture and clouds in the Arctic coastal zone to air-mass origins
    • Crawford et al. publication distribute to group
    • Potential participants: Vihma, Uttal, Sedlar, Persson, Tjernstrom
    • Uttal will contact Newman, Akish to see if interested
    • In addition to IASOA data, utilize satellite data (Sedlar) and reanalysis
  3. Comprehensive reanalysis evaluation study
    • Evaluation for the most recent years will be included in Study (#1), but separate effort is needed for a more extensive study
    • Potential participants: Uttal, (see if Compo, Smith interested)
    • Grachev et al. (2017) paper on observed fluxes at Eureka & Tiksi is a good basis
  4. Inter-annual-, seasonal- and synoptic-scale variations in snow thickness and properties (density, albedo) in IASOA observatories
    • Chris Cox takes lead
    • Potential participants: ??
  5. Effect of large- and local-scale meteorological conditions on Arctic air pollution
    • Advance this study to the IASOA Aerosol WG
  6. Working Group’s contribution to YOPP
    • Discuss whether Transports WG will take on creating an observations data set to facilitate model comparisons, or if this task could be moved to Data & Obs. WG
      • Advance this activity to IASOA Data & Obs. WG with guidance from Transports WG (Uttal, Intrieri)
  7. Drifting ice station MOSAiC from autumn 2019 to autumn 2020
    • There are two new groups forming (T-MOSAiC: Terrestrial MOSAiC) and C-MOSAiC (Coastal MOSAiC) that seek to coordinate with the MOSAiC (central Arctic) program.
      • This activity should also be advanced to a new IASOA working group so that the transports WG can focus on the tasks outlined in 1-4, which are already a formidable task


Action Items:

  • Continue discussion of these studies and participation online (ALL)
  •  Study (#1) action items:
    • Identify start/end times
    • Identify stations to pull observations from
    • Develop list of reanalysis and models that will be using (note for NOAA PSD participants: 20th century reanalysis will be contributed to the list)
    • Identify role of participants
  • Distribute Crawford et al. publication to WG that is related to Study (#2) (Vihma)
  • Initiate discussion of passing Study (#5) to IASOA Aerosol WG (Uttal)
  • Discussion of passing Study (#7) to IASOA Data & Obs. WG or if Transport WG wants to continue with the task of providing observations to modeling community if standardized format (Uttal, Morris)