Wednesday, January 10, 2018 -
09:00 to 10:30


-Introductions (ALL) – 10min
-Introduction of YOPP goals (Casati) – 10min
-Review of YOPP Verification Plan and IASOA Involvement (Uttal) – 5min
-Discussion (ALL) – 30min

IASOA Aerosol Working Group

10 January 2018

Attendees: Jessie Creamean, Sara Morris, Allison McComiskey, Patrick Sheridan, Angelo Lupi, Eija Asmi, Heike Wex, John Bachman, Markus Fiebig, Nick Spada, Taneil Uttal, Xin Yang, Barbara Casati, Rachel Chang, Patrick Hayes, Andreas Massling, Kostas Eleftheriadis




Introduction of YOPP goals (Barbara Casati): Barbara is leading model verification for YOPP and presented the PPP newsletter by WMO. YOPP is for 2018 and beyond, with two special observing periods in 2018. YOPP activities will focus on using supersites for observations for model evaluation, including IASOA sites and MOSAiC. One goal is to have a single YOPP portal where all observations and model output can be found, with the observations harmonized and provided in a digestible form.


IASOA and YOPP (Taneil Uttal): Several highlights were raised and discussed regarding Taneil’s presentation of IASOA’s role for YOPP.

  • One question that was raised is should we put more resources into maintaining and/or upgrading IASOA portal for YOPP, although IASOA is not an endorsed YOPP product. We discussed having IASOA endorsed by YOPP.
  • Should IASOA partner with INTAROS and serve as the atmospheric component?
  • Markus brought ACTRIS to our attention, whereby they use observations to compare with ECMEF output for a pilot study. Such efforts include validation of aerosol scattering and absorption coefficients.
  • Main question for IASOA aerosol WG’s role in YOPP: Which aerosol properties should we make available and focus on?
    • Predominantly, for two YOPP special observing periods in 2018
    • Concluded that absorption coefficients, scattering coefficients, and aerosol size distributions were most important observations for YOPP framework.
    • We can request to have these parameters added to YOPP portal.


Action items:

  • Continue online discussions regarding use of IAOSA aerosol observations for YOPP.
  • Start list of IASOA sites, if 3 key YOPP aerosol parameters are currently measured and who the contact is.


Research Group: