Methane, Ozone & Other Trace Gases

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 -
09:00 to 10:30


- Introductions - 10min

- Presentation (Xiaoyi) - 10min

- Discussion of ODE special cases and time periods (Xin, ALL) - 15min

- Discussion of IASOA WG and YOPP (Casati/Uttal) - 10min

- Discussion of YOPP (ALL) - 20min


IASOA Trace Gases Working Group

January 17, 2018


Attendees: Sara Morris, Barbara Casati, Audra McClure, Kristof Bognar, Kim Strong, Xiaoyi Zhao, Xin Yang, Detlev Helmig, Taneil Uttal, Von Walden


Role Call of group members

Presentation: Large-scale transport ODE case selection work:

  • Illustrate in changes if ODE transportation
  • Working with Eureka, Alert, and Resolute Bay sites
  • ACE/OSIRIS satellite validation campaign: Feb 25 - Mar 14, extended phase: Mar 15 – Apr 1
  • Transport cases identified: Mar 2007, Apr-May 2008, Mar-Apr 2011
  • FLEXPART, SSA-TRACER 6-day backward run
  • ERA-Interim, 10-m wind gust and boundary layer heights (need collaboration w/ BRW surface o3 data – McClure)
  • Evolution of ODE at Barrow using model runs
  • Case of BrO plume across Eureka, Alert and Ny-Alesund stations 2011-2012
  • Proposed study cases:
    • April: 2009, 2011, 2015, 2016
    • March – April: 2007, 2013
    • NEED: 1-hr ozone data from all IASOA stations, ozonesonde data, BrO measurements
  • CATCH program, see if they have any observations to contribute (Uttal)


Discussion of IASOA WG and YOPP:

  • YOPP supersites multivariate process-based evaluation
  • Arctic and Antarctic supersites: use both direct and remote techniques
    • IASOA sites primarily, sites span diversity in climatology and topography found in polar regions
  • NWP model output
    • Upper-air atm. Variables, Cloud microphysics, hydrometers vertical profiles, clouds microphysics, surface atm. Variables, Cryosphere-Surface properties, radiation and energy and momentum fluxes, tendencies and those due to advection
  • Example of Iqaluit Super-Site
    • Data will be publically available on future YOPP data portal (in Norway)
      • Both observations and model output data
      • IASOA (Uttal) recommendation to produce Gold-Files for IASOA observations
  • Discuss format of gold-files: netCDF
    • Work with YOPP data management team to determine obs. data files
  • Special Observing Period: Feb-Mar 2018, July-Aug 2018
  • Mid-2017 to Mid-2019 total YOPP period
  • MOSAiC will also be a super-site that will contribute to YOPP


Action Items:

  • Casati to send document/table for YOPP obs details (Morris)
  • WG to create table similar to model example (Morris, Uttal, ALL)
  • Get BRW o3 data obs to Xiaoyi (McClure)
  • Get SUM o3 data obs to Xiaoyi (Walden)