Observations & Data

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 -
09:00 to 10:00


- Introductions

- Review of MODF activity (Uttal)

- Open discussion of the Variable Mentor tasks (ALL)


IASOA Data & Observations Working Group

May 9, 2018


Attendees: Sara Morris, Taneil Uttal, Chris Cox, Robin Stevens, Audra McClure, Gunilla Svensson, Matthew Shupe, Auromeet Saha, Allison Gaylord, Andrey Grachev, Oystein Godoy, Markus Fiebig, Elena Akish, Irina Petro, Ola Persson, Siri Khalsa


Introduction of group members


Discussion of MODF activity for YOPP (Uttal):

  • Overview of variable mentors
    • Matthew Shupe (Cloud Variables)
    • Auromeet Saha (AOD Variables)
    • Chris Cox (Radiation Variables)
    • Sara Morris (GHF and Soil Temp Variables)
    • Andrey Grachev/Ola Persson/Elena Akish (Turbulent Flux Variables)
    • John Backman/Lauren Schmeisser (Aerosol Optical Property Variables)
    • Audra McClure (Surface Ozone Variables)
  • Overview of YOPP model outputs and addition of observational column for our IASOA contribution
  • Variable mentors refine list of parameters that we can provide to YOPP output list
  • Will start with Barrow (unless otherwise directed or discussed) as first station for obs
    • Sodankyla/Pallas also another option (Gunilla will send contact info)
  • Discussion of best way to properly cite attributions in formation of MODF’s
    • Policies among different countries
    • GAW/archive policies
    • Ethical policies (technicians, PI’s, etc.)\
    • Discussion of publication for each data set to then reference attributions
  • Have MODF publication that could be another place to reference attribution list
    • Ask data providers if this is acceptable
    • Or have publication by variable to then reference that attribution list
  • Variable mentors in charge of writing ESSD reference
    • Variable descriptions
      • Metadata
        • Determining processing technique(s)
        • Instrument details
        • Archived data details/info


Action Items:

  • Identify repository for hosting these MODF data sets
  • MODF file output details (time scale, file type, formatting, metadata, etc.)
  • Decide on how MODF variables will be averaged
  • Decision to have only 1 MODF per station per SOP
  • Variable Mentors:
    • Identify where getting data for each variable per station
    • Compare variables in MODF google doc to those listed in YOPP model output document and make any suggestions for observed variable additions
    • Estimate how long this endeavor will take each mentor to complete
      • What resources will you need
      • Can any contributions/editing be automated?
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