Net Radiation & Clouds

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 -
09:00 to 10:00


- Presentation by Yann Blanchard: Comparison of cloud vertical distribution and LW radiation fluxes at Eureka inferred from ground-based sensors, A-Train satellite observations and ERA-I reanalysis


IASOA Radiation and Clouds Working Group


Sept. 20, 2017


Attendees: Chris Cox, Taneil Uttal, Allison McComiskey, Diane Stanitski, Gijs de Boer, Chuck Long, Matt Shupe, Sandy Starkweather, Nate Miller, Ulas Im, Joseph Sedlar, Alessio Bozzo, Manfred Wendlisch, Kim Strong, Lei Lou, Jeff Key, Sara Morris


Introduction of group members, group title/focus now includes “clouds”. (Uttal, all)


Update on D-ICE including objectives, timeline, example data, links to website and blog, website tour, and acknowledgements. (Cox)


Update on Summit: The radiometers were taken from Summit to Boulder and calibrated at ESRL in this summer then returned. Data flow is currently coming through GMD with a few bugs being addressed. The tracker is currently (Sept 2017) at GMD being refurbished and Arctic-hardened, to be sent back to Summit in the spring. There are currently 2 years of funding remaining for this station. NOAA is open to maintaining the data passed this time frame if funding is available. GMD would like to re-propose Summit as a BSRN station at the 15th BSRN Workshop in Boulder, July 2018. (McComiskey)


Progress on radiation paper: No significant updates, but Cox would like to make this a priority. (Cox)


Progress on Barrow snow paper: Paper now in-press. An update on the 2017 (very) late melt was provided, as well as a report on the consistency of this anomaly with the circulation patterns described in the paper. There are plans to expand analysis and there is now more scientific motivation than ever to produce a regional climate index product. We are currently assessing whether this motivation is well-aligned with the user side; ie, assessing the utility of such a product within the forecast and stakeholder community. Sandy provided some suggestions for people and organizations to reach out to. (Cox)


Priorities for upcoming year:

-Lei Lou is working on a post-doctoral research plan centered around the E-AERI at Eureka and the now 10+ year record of AERI data at that site.

-ALBSA index

-CRF paper

-Action Item: Cox/Uttal will begin email to group to assemble member ideas/priorities for the upcoming year


Research Group: