Bounding the role of aerosols on the Arctic climate with in situ observations
Science Questions:
1) How the changes in sea-ice and climatic conditions reflect in Arctic aerosols? Identifying major feedback loops between cryosphere and atmosphere in the Arctic.
2) What is the contribution of anthropogenic versus natural sources in the Arctic and how this is changing historically and in future?
3) What are the mechanisms and precursors for secondary aerosol production in the Arctic?
4) What is the vertical distribution of Arctic aerosols and how does this change over the course of the year?
5) How homogeneous, in vertical and horizontal scales, are aerosols and their properties in the Arctic?
6) What role do aerosols have in modulating the surface energy budget directly and indirectly?
7) What role do aerosols have in modulating Arctic cloud properties by serving as cloud condensation nuclei and/or ice nucleating particles?


Co-Chair: Jessie Creamean

Co-Chair: Eija Asmi (Tiksi)

Facilitator: Sara Crepinsek (Tiksi)



Aki Virkkula (Pallas)

Allison McComiskey (Barrow)

Andreas Massling (Station Nord)

Bill Simpson

Patrick Hayes

Heike Wex

Henrik Skov (Station Nord)

Jennie Thomas

John Backman

John Ogren (Barrow)

Kaj Hansen

Kerri Pratt

Kostas Eleftheriadis (Ny-Alesund/Zepplin)

Lauren Schmeisser (Barrow)

Markus Fiebig

Mike Bergin (Summit)

Olga Popovicheva (Tiksi)

Patrick Sheridan

Peter Turnved (Ny-Alesund)

Rebecca Sheesley

Sandy Starkweather

Sangeeta Sharma (Alert)

Taneil Uttal (Tiksi)

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