Location: 71.383 N 156.758 W Elevation: 8 masl Established: 1997

Facility Web Site:

Facility Operations Contact:
Mark Ivey | mdivey@sandia.gov | 505-284-9092

Facility Research Contact:
Wanda Ferrell | wanda.ferrell@science.doe.gov |
Hans Verlinde | verlinde@meteo.psu.edu | 814-863-9711

Mission: The ARM Climate Research Facility, a DOE scientific user facility, provides the climate research community with strategically located in situ and remote sensing observatories designed to improve the understanding and representation of clouds and aerosols, as well as their interactions and coupling with the Earth’s surface, in climate and earth system models.

Facility and Environs: The Barrow facility was dedicated in July 1997 and chosen because the Arctic is particularly sensitive to climate changes. Barrow is located at the northernmost point in the United States, 330 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The Barrow facility has a trailer and platforms to support the instrumentation and data system. Significantly, an extended range AERI (ER-AERI) is operating at Barrow. The ER-AERI was built specifically for the high latitudes where low water vapor concentrations are common. ACRF also operates many of the same instruments, including a 35-GHz cloud radar, that are located at its warmer sites. However, many of these instruments have been hardened to withstand temperatures that drop below -40 C/F.

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