Location: 71.383 N 156.758 W Elevation: 20 masl Established: 1999

Facility Web Site:

Facility Operations Contact:
Mark Ivey | mdivey@sandia.gov | 505-284-9092

Facility Research Contact:
Wanda Ferrell | wanda.ferrell@science.doe.gov |
Hans Verlinde | verlinde@meteo.psu.edu | 814-863-9711

Mission: The ARM Climate Research Facility establishes and operates field research sites to study the effects of aerosols, precipitation, surface flux, and clouds on global climate change. Three primary locations—Southern Great Plains, Tropical Western Pacific, and North Slope of Alaska—represent the broad range of climate conditions around the world. ARM sites at these locations are heavily instrumented to gather massive amounts of climate data. Using these data, scientists are studying the effects and interactions of sunlight, radiant energy, and clouds to understand their impact on temperatures, weather, and climate.

Facility and Environs: The Atqasuk facility, which was part of the larger ARM Climate Research Facility (ARM) North Slope of Alaska site, was installed the summer of 1999 off of a road near the Atqasuk Airport and operated through 2010. Located approximately 70 miles south of Barrow, Atqasuk is adjacent to the Meade River. Its climate is much more continental than that of Barrow.