Location: 79.99 N 85.939 W Elevation: 10 masl Established: 2005

0PAL from south (2012) 0PAL from south (2012)
0PAL from south (2012)
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Facility Operations Contact:
Pierre Fogal | pierre.fogal@utoronto.ca |

Facility Research Contact:
Jim Drummond | james.drummond@utoronto.ca | 416-978-4723


Facility and Environs: The Zero-altitude PEARL Auxiliary Lab (0PAL) is located in the northwest quadrant of the Eureka Weather Station site (79°59'25.40"N 85°56'19.90"W). Construction of the facility began in 2005 and currently consists of 4 shipping containers modified specifically for instrumentation interconnected by stick-built office, storage and work space and a separate unmodified shipping container for cold storage. Internet connectivity is provided over a microwave link to the Ridge Lab. Instrumentation includes a Millimeter Cloud Radar, VHF Meteor Wind and Temperature Radar, Raman Lidar, Ozone Lidar, Microwave Water Vapor Radiometer, and an Extended-range Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Spectrometer. A Cimel Sun Photometer is operated seasonally. 0PAL also supports instruments not located in or on the facility including the Star Photometer and Environment Canada’s Precipitation Suite of instruments. A High Spectral Resolution Lidar was run at the site from 2005-2010.

CANDAC Star Photometer
EC Precipitation Suite