Location: 78.92361 N 11.92583 E Elevation: 15 masl Established: 1997

Amundsen Nobile Climate Change Tower and Environs Amundsen Nobile Climate Change Tower, Instrumentation Tethered balloon sounding at Amundsen Nobile Climate Change Tower. Photo: Holger Deckelmann Ny-Alesund Amundsen Nobile Climate Change Tower Gruvebadet chemical analysis laboratory
Amundsen Nobile Climate Change Tower and Environs
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Facility Operations Contact:
Angelo Viola | a.viola@isac.cnr.it |

Facility Research Contact:
Vito Vitale | v.vitale@isac.cnr.it | +39 051 639 9595

Mission: CNR Station in Ny-Ă…lesund and the Arctic Strategic Project offer the opportunity to develop the potentialities of the Italian research and increase through a multidisciplinary approach the know-how of the complex processes and interactions connecting the different components of the climatic system (atmosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere). This provide an important contribution to improve their parameterization in climatic models. At the Italian station Dirigibile Italia, a large set of instruments were installed to investigate physical and chemical properties of atmosphere as well as the exchange fluxes of mass, the radiation and chemical substances at the atmosphere-land interface. Final aim is to create a scientific platform able to complement research activities provided by other international research groups and obtain a comprehensive data set useful to determine all components of the energy budget at the surface, their temporal variations, and role played by different processes involving air, snow, ice and land (permafrost and vegetation).

Facility and Environs: The Dirgibile Italia was opened in 1997. The station can contain 7 people and is not necessarily inhabited year round. Research taking place at the station includes atmospheric chemistry and physics, marine and bacterial biology, upper atmospheric physics, oceanography/limnology, environmental studies, and human biology and medicine. CNR is a participant in the usage of the Ny-Ă…lesund Marine Laboratory opened in 2005 and run by Kings Bay.

Amundsen Nobile Climate Change Tower (CCT)
Gruvebadet Laboratory