Location: 78.926 N 11.883 E Elevation: 15 masl Established: 1968

Facility Web Site:

Facility Operations Contact:
Helge Tore Markussen | stasjonsleder@npolar.no | +47 79 02 74 01

Facility Research Contact:
Christina A. Pedersen | Christina.pedersen@npolar.no | +47 777 50540

Mission: The Norwegian Polar Institute’s Sverdrup Base is the host institute for several research and monitoring programmes in the Ny-Ålesund area. The station engineers are responsible for daily service and operation of instruments, including measurement programmes owned by institutions from Norway and other countries. Important timeseries includes: i) biological studies on reindeer, arctic fox, polar bear, marine mammals and birds, including the effect studies of long-transported pollutants on arctic birds and mammals, ii) glacier monitoring in the area, with mass balance studies performed since 1967, iii) landfast sea ice in Kongsfjorden started in 2003 includes both in-situ measurements of ice properties and ice extent, iv) meteorological data (since 1969), v) ozone and UV-radiation. In addition, all measurements at the Zeppelin Observatory is supervised by the Sverdrup staff.

Facility and Environs: The Sverdrup Base in Ny-Ålesund serves as a research and monitoring facility for long and short-term measurement programs, as well as a field base, giving logistical support for research teams working in the pristine environment around Ny-Ålesund. The Sverdrup Base offers research facilities to visiting scientists, including offices, workshops, and a small lab. The base has an extensive and well-equipped logistics department, offering logistical support like boats of different types, snowmobiles and sledges, field and safety equipment.