Location: 67.368 N 26.633 E Elevation: 198 masl Established: 1949

Facility Web Site:

Facility Operations Contact:
Osmo Aulamo | Osmo.Aulamo@fmi.fi | +358-295392334

Facility Research Contact:
Juoni Pulliainen | Jouni.Pullianinen@fmi.fi | +358-295394701

Mission: The Sodankylä facility hosts programs exploring upper-air chemistry and physics, atmospheric column measurements, snow/soil hydrology, biosphere-atmosphere interaction and satellite calibration-validation studies.

Facility and Environs: Due to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream the area is included in the boreal region. However, with regard to stratospheric meteorology, Sodankylä can be classified as an Arctic site, often lying beneath the middle or the edge of the stratospheric polar vortex and in the zone of polar stratospheric ozone depletion. Its strategic location, coupled with ready accessibility from all parts of the world, makes the ARC an excellent base for studying various themes of global change in a northern context. The ARC research sites belong to the Lapland Biosphere-Atmosphere Facility (LAP-BIAT), an infrastructure project through which the EU can fund visiting research groups.