Location: 71.595 N 128.882 E Elevation: 1 masl Established: 2010

Facility Operations Contact:
Vasily Kustov | kustov@aari.ru | 7 812-337-3185
Sara Crepinsek | sara.crepinsek@noaa.gov | 303-497-4453

Facility Research Contact:
Alexander Makshtas | maksh@aari.nw.ru |
Taneil Uttal | taneil.uttal@noaa.gov | 303-497-6409


Facility and Environs: The remote study areas at Tiksi include a Climate Reference Network complex, permafrost active layers thermisters, and and albedo rack that are in the immediate vicinity of the COW, and a instrument shelter (methane and CO2 fluxes) and tower (20 meters) in the vicinity of the CAF. The 20 meter tower is fully instrumented for measuring profiles of temperatre, humidity and windspeed as well as fluxes of CO2.

BSRN Radiation Rack 2