Alert, Canada

Location: 82.492 N 62.508 W Elevation: 8 masl - 210 masl

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Observatory Operations Contact:
Andrew Platt | | 416-739-4263
Sara Morris | | 303-497-4453

Observatory Research Contact:
Andrew Platt | | 416-739-4263
Christopher Cox |

Abstract: "Military listening post"... "last stepping stone to the North Pole"... "weather station"... "Global Atmosphere Watch station"... "place-holder for the northern realm of the Canadian sovereignty"... Alert, Nunavut, Canada -just ~ 450 NM from the North Pole- has been all of these. Alert is a military base (Canadian Forces Station), with no town or local residents associated with it. Their primary focus is on greenhouse gas and aerosol research measurements that began in 1975 and 1980.

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Environment Canada
Meteorological Service of Canada
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