Curriculum Vitae

Thomas M. Hamill

Researcher ID: C-4630-2015


NOAA Earth System Research Lab, Physical Sciences Laboratory
R/PSD 1, 325 Broadway
Boulder CO 80305-3328 USA
(303) 497-3060 fax -6949

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Ph.D., 1997: Cornell University (meteorology, applied math and statistics minors.  Steve Colucci, advisor.)
M.S., 1987: Pennsylvania State University (meteorology; NWP concentration.  Tom Warner, advisor.)
B.S., 1985: Cornell University (meteorology)

Professional Experience:

2005 - current: Meteorologist, NOAA Earth System Research Lab, Physical Sciences Laboratory, Boulder, CO.
2000 - 2005:
Research Scientist, University of Colorado, CIRES (at the former NOAA/Climate Diagnostics Center), Boulder, CO.
1997 - 2000:
Postdoctoral fellow, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO.
1993 - 1997:
Ph. D. candidate in atmospheric sciences, Cornell University. Studied short-range ensemble forecasting using the Eta model (funded by the National Science Foundation). Minors in statistics and applied mathematics. Steve Colucci, advisor.
1991 - 1993:
Senior Research Associate, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. , Cambridge, MA.
1987 - 1991: United States Air Force. Officer-in-charge, Cloud Analysis Unit, Air Force Global Weather Central (now AFWA), Offutt AFB, NE.

Publication list:

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Presentation and white paper list:

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2020: National Weather Association Group Operational Achievement Award, "For improving the accuracy and consistency of forecasts across the weather enterprise via free access to the groundbreaking National Blend of Models."
2017:  Fellow of the American Meteorological Society.
2013:  NOAA Bronze Medal (with Jeff Whitaker, for "excellence in research and development of ensemble-based and hybrid data assimilation techniques that improve operational weather forecasts.")
2008:  NOAA Outstanding Scientific Paper award for 2006 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society article on reforecasting.
2002 : American Meteorological Society's Editor's Award for Monthly Weather Review.
2001 : Presidential Early-Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
1997 : National Center for Atmospheric Research Advanced Studies Program post-doctoral fellowship.

Proposals Awarded:

2015: NOAA NGGPS, Toward the Operational Production of Next-Generation Global Reanalyses.  $3.5M.
2015: NOAA NGGPS, Probabilistic Forecasts of Precipitation Type and Snowfall Amounts based on Global Ensemble Forecasts.  $171,361.
2013: NOAA Sandy Supplemental, parameterization component.  $300,000.
2012: NOAA USWRP, Improving Model Uncertainty Parameterizations in Global Ensemble Predictions.  $200,000.
2010: Department of Energy Advanced Leadership Computing Challenge award of 14.5 million CPU hours to produce a next-generation reforecast.
2004: THORPEX, An Intercomparison of Bred, Perturbed Observation, and Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter Methods for Initializing Ensemble Forecasts (co-PI, Jeff Whitaker). NOAA-B8R2WRP, $210,373
2002: Collaborative Research: ITR/Ensemble-based state estimation for a next-generation weather forecasting model, $220,706.
2002: Incorporating the Uncertainty of Atmosphere-Land Surface Interactions into Ensemble Forecasts. National Science Foundation, $320,000.
2001: Diversifying Ensemble Forecasts with Stochastic Convection (co-PI; Brian Mapes, PI). National Science Foundation. $343,000. 1995: "Short-range ensemble prediction..." $86,003 by National Science Foundation.  Grant funded my dissertation research (submitted under my advisor's name). 1991: "Nowcasting Methods Testing" $144,917 by U.S. Air Force, PRDA PL/LY 91-05  Developed new ways to use satellite and doppler profiler data for nowcasting.

Professional Service:

2016: Co-organizer, international Coupled Data Assimilation Workshop, Toulouse, France.
2016:  External Ph.D. review for Reto Stauffer, U. Innsbruck, Austria.
2015 - current: Ph.D. committee member for Ben Moore, SUNY/Albany.
2015 - current: Member, Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) Systematic Improvements to Reanalysis of the Arctic (SIRTA) committee.
2015 - current: Member, UCAR Model Advisory Committee (UMAC)
2014 - current: NOAA Next-generation Global Prediction System Team Lead, ensemble and statistical post-processing teams.
2014 - current: Member, Cornell University Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department Advisory Committee.
2013 - current: Member, NOAA-NCAR Developmental Test Center Management Board.
2013 - current: Post-Processing Team Lead, NWS Sandy Supplemental "National Blend of Models" Project.
2014: Ph.D. committee member for Francisco Alvarez, St. Louis University.
2014: Co-convener, WWRP Open Science Conference, Montreal, CA.
2013  : External reviewer of Jakob Messner Ph.D. thesis, U. Innsbruck, Austria
2013: Co-organizer of modeling session for American Meteorological Society Summer Community Meeting, Boulder, CO.
2013: Co-convener, 6th WMO International Symposium on Data Assimilation, Camp Springs, MD, Oct 2013.
2012 - current : Co-chair, WMO/THORPEX and WMO/WWRP Data Assimilation and Observing Systems Committee.
2011: Co-convener of poster session for WCRP Open Science Conference, Denver.
2011: Local organizer of 27th Annual WGNE (Working Group for Numerical Experimentation) meeting, Boulder, Colorado.
2011: Organizer, joint WGNE-THORPEX-ECMWF workshop on model uncertainty.
2010: Editor, special collection for Monthly Weather Review on Third THORPEX International Science Symposium
2008-2012: Member, International THORPEX Data Assimilation and Observing Systems Committee
2008-2012: Member, American Meteorological Society Committee for Environmental Responsibility
2008-2012:  Program Manager for NOAA THORPEX.
2008-2014:  Member, World Meteorological Organization's Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE)
2008: Member, drafting committee for AMS statement on probabilistic forecasting.
2007-2010: Member, American Meteorological Society Ad-Hoc Committee on Uncertainty in Forecasts (co-chair, Working Group III, "Solutions")
2007-2010: Member, NOAA/NWS Forecast Uncertainty Steering Team.
2007-2010: Editor, Monthly Weather Review
2007: Coordinator, AMS Short Course on Ensemble Prediction Methods
2006-2011:  Member, American Meteorological Society Committee on Probability and Statistics
2006-2007: Associate Editor, Weather and Forecasting
2005-2009 : Member, HEPEX International Steering Committee
2005-2008 : Member, International THORPEX TIGGE-GIFS Science Committee
2005 : Coordinator, HEPEX Workshop on Hydrologic Ensemble Prediction.
2003 : Coordinator, Workshop on Ensemble Forecasting
1999 : Coordinator, NCAR Workshop on Ensemble Forecasting
1999 - 2003 : Associate Editor, Monthly Weather Review
1997 - current : Proposal reviewer for National Science Foundation

Invited Lectures and Seminars:

National Centers for Environmental Prediction (1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2006, 2009, 2011) ; NOAA Techniques Development Lab (1996); National Weather Service COMET Numerical Weather Prediction Faculty Course (1999) ; National Severe Storms Lab (1999, 2007, 2010) ; University of Oklahoma (1999, 2007, 2010ab) ; University of Arizona (2000) ; University at Albany/State University of New York (2000); NASA/Goddard (2000) ; Canadian Meteorological Centre (2001, 2006, 2010) ; Colorado State University (2001, 2003, 2012, 2013); Cornell University (2001, 2003, 2014) ; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2001); AER, Inc. (2001) ; National Weather Service COMET Climate Variability Course (2002, 2006, 2007) ; NCAR (2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010); ECMWF Seminar on Predictability (2002); University of Colorado (2002); ECMWF (1998, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007); University of L'Aquila, Italy (2004); UK Met Office (2004, 2007); NOAA/FSL (2004); University of Washington (2004, 2007); NOAA Headquarters (2004); NOAA/MDL (2004); University of Maryland (2004); National Academy of Sciences (2005);  NCAR Terrestrial Hydrometeorology Workshop (2006); NCAR Verification Workshop (2007); IUGG, Perugia, Italy (2007); NCAR COMET Hydrological Forecast Course (2007), Southwest Hydrometeorological Workshop, Tucson (2007); University of Washington Climate Impacts Group (2007); ECMWF Workshop on Ensemble Prediction (2007); NCEP ensemble forecast users workshop (2008);  Mediterranean School of Mesoscale Meteorology, Sardinia, Italy (2008).  ARPA-SIM, Bologna, Italy (2008).  WGNE, Montreal (2008), and Offenbach, Germany (2009).  WMO WWRP/THORPEX Workshop on 4D-VAR and Ensemble Kalman Filter Intercomparisons, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008).  NOAA Intraseasonal to Interranual Workshop (2009); Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (2009); University of Heidelberg (2009), NCAR ASP verification summer colloquium (2010); NUOPC workshop, Boulder, CO (2010); NCAR DTC Ensemble Testbed workshop (2010); Utilities Wind Integration Group, Albany NY (2011); ensemble user workshop, Laurel, MD (2011); ECMWF Model Uncertainty workshop (2011); University of Innsbruck (2011); NOAA Research Council (2012); NOAA Climate Program Office/MAPP (2012, 2014); NCEP/EMC/GMB (2012); NCAR ASP Summer Colloquium (2012); NCAR COMET Winter Weather Course (2012, 2013), NWS Western Region SOO meeting (2014); Utility Variable-generation Integration Group (2015); Climate Corporation (2015); American Meteorological Society Bob Glahn Symposium (2015).

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