Forecaster Evaluation

During the New England High Resolution Temperature and Air Quality Forecasting Pilot Study (TAQ), a variety of near real-time resources will be made available to National Weather Service and Air Quality forecasters in the New England area. These resources will include: a network of boundary layer wind profilers, supplemental surface data, and forecast fields from an experimental configuration of the Rapid Update Cycle run at 10 km resolution. In an effort to determine the impact of these resources on the forecast process, three feedback strategies will be made available to the forecasters during TAQ: web-based feedback forms, feedback via Area Forecast Discussions, and a special email address. This approach to gathering feedback was successfully implemented this past winter during the PACJET-2002 deployment along the west coast of the US.

The profiler evaluation form is encorporated with the data.
Screen shot of profiler evaluation form.
The RUC evaluation form.
Screen shot of RUC evaluation form.