Climate Analysis Branch Publications - 2006

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Alexander, M., J. Yin, G. Branstator, A. Capotondi, C. Cassou, R. Cullather, Y.-O. Kwon, J. Norris, J. Scott, and Ilana Wainer, 2006: Extratropical Atmosphere-Ocean Variability in CCSM3. J. Climate, 19, 2496-2525, doi: 10.1175/JCLI3743.1. [Abstract]

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Hall, N. M. J., G. N. Kiladis, and C. D. Thorncroft, 2006: Three dimensional structure and dynamics of African easterly waves. Part II: Dynamical modes. J. Atmos. Sci., 63, 2231-2245.

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Hoerling, M., J. Hurrell, and J. Eischeid, 2006: Detection and attribution of 20th Century northern and southern African rainfall change. J. Climate, 19, 3989-4008.

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Li, S., M. P. Hoerling, S. Peng, and K. M. Weickmann, 2006: The Annular Response to Tropical Pacific SST Forcing. J. Climate, 19, 1802-1819, doi: 10.1175/JCLI3668.1. [Abstract]

Lin, J.-L., G. N. Kiladis, B. E. Mapes, K. M. Weickmann, K. R. Sperber, W. Lin, M. C. Wheeler, S. D. Schubert, A. Del Genio, L. J. Donner, S. Emori, J.-F. Gueremy, F. Hourdin, P. J. Rasch, E. Roeckner, and J. F. Scinocca, 2006: Tropical Intraseasonal Variability in 14 IPCC AR4 Climate Models. Part I: Convective Signals. J. Climate, 19, 2665-2690, doi: 10.1175/JCLI3735.1. [Abstract]

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Penland, C., and L. Matrosova, 2006: "Enhanced predictability of Caribbean sea surface temperatures using a nonnormal filter." Proc. Caribbean Climate Symposium, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, 24-25 April 2006. (On CD)

Quan, X. , M. Hoerling, J. Whitaker, G. Bates, and T. Xu, 2006: Diagnosing Sources of U.S. Seasonal Forecast Skill. J. Climate, 19, 3279-3293, doi: 10.1175/JCLI3789.1. [Abstract]

Roundy, P. E., and G. N. Kiladis, 2006: Observed relationships between oceanic Kelvin waves and atmospheric forcing. J. Climate, 19, 5253-5272.

Schmidt, G. A., R. Ruedy, J. E. Hansen, I. Aleinov, N. Bell, M. Bauer, S. Bauer, B. Cairns, V. Canuto, Y. Cheng, A. Del Genio, G. Faluvegi, A. D. Friend, T. M. Hall, Y. Hu, M. Kelley, N.Y. Kiang, D. Koch, A. A. Lacis, J. Lerner, K. K. Lo, R. L. Miller, L. Nazarenko, V. Oinas, J. Perlwitz, D. Rind, A. Romanou, G. L. Russell, Mki. Sato, D. T. Shindell, P. H. Stone, S. Sun, N. Tausnev, D. Thresher, and M.-S. Yao 2006. Present day atmospheric simulations using GISS ModelE: Comparison to in-situ, satellite and reanalysis data. J. Climate 19, 153-192.

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