Climate Analysis Branch Publications - 1988

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Garcia, O., 1988: The uses of the Highly Reflective Cloud data set in large-scale tropical rainfall estimation. In Tropical Rainfall Measurements, J. S. Theon and N. Fugono (Eds.), Deepak Publishing, 177-183. [Abstract]

Karl, T. R., H. F. Diaz, and G. Kukla, 1988: Urbanization: Its detection and effect in the United States climate record. J. Climate, 1, 1099-1123. [Abstract]

Khalsa, S. J. S., and E. Steiner, 1988: A TOVS dataset for study of the tropical atmosphere. J. Appl. Meteor., 27, 851- 863. [Abstract]

Kiladis, G. N., and H. Van Loon, 1988: The Southern Oscillation. Part VII: Meteorological anomalies over the Indian and Pacific sectors associated with the extremes of the oscillation. Mon. Wea. Rev., 116, 120-136. [Abstract]

Parthasarathy, B., H. F. Diaz, and J. K. Eischeid, 1988: Prediction of all-India summer monsoon rainfall with regional and large-scale parameters. J. Geophys. Res., 93, 5341-5350. [Abstract]

Von Storch, H., H. Van Loon, and G. N. Kiladis, 1988: The Southern Oscillation. Part VIII: Model sensitivity to SST anomalies in the tropical and subtropical regions of the South Pacific Convergence Zone. J. Climate, 1, 325-332. [Abstract]

Weickmann, K. M., and R. M. Chervin, 1988: The observed and simulated atmospheric seasonal cycle. Part I: Global wind field modes. J. Climate, 1, 265-289. [Abstract]