Climate Analysis Branch Publications - 1989

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Diaz, H. F., J. T. Andrews, and S. K. Short, 1989: Climate variations in northern North America (6000 B.P. to present) reconstructed from pollen and tree ring data. Arctic Alpine Res., 21, 45-59. [Abstract]

Diaz, H. F., R. S. Bradley, and J. K. Eischeid, 1989: Precipitation fluctuations over global land areas since the late 1800s. J. Geophys. Res., 94, 1195-1210. [Abstract]

Karl, T. R., D. Tarpley, R. G. Quayle, H. F. Diaz, D. A. Robinson, and R. S. Bradley, 1989: The recent climate record: What it can and cannot tell us. Rev. Geophys., 27, 405-430. [Abstract]

Khalsa, S. J. S., 1989: Atmospheric stability over the tropical oceans derived from TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder. J. Appl. Meteor., 28, 1002-1009. [Abstract]

Khalsa, S. J. S., and G. K. Greenhut, 1989: Atmospheric turbulence structure in the vicinity of an oceanic front. J. Geophys. Res., 94, 4913-4922. [Abstract]

Kiladis, G. N., and H. F. Diaz, 1989: Global climatic anomalies associated with extremes in the Southern Oscillation. J. Climate, 2, 1069-1090. [Abstract]

Kiladis, G. N., H. von Storch, and H. van Loon, 1989: Origin of the South Pacific Convergence Zone. J. Climate, 2, 1185-1195. [Abstract]

Wallace, J. M., G.-H. Lim, and M. L. Blackmon, 1989: Reply to comments on "Relationship between cyclone tracks, anticyclone tracks, and baroclinic waveguides." J. Atmos. Sci., 46, 3508-3509. [Reply to comments - no abstract]