Zou, X., A. Barcilon, I. M. Navon, J. Whitaker, and D. G. Cacuci, 1993: An adjoint sensitivity study of blocking in a two-layer isentropic model. Mon. Wea. Rev., 121, 2833-2857.


This paper presents a new methodology for adjoint sensitivity analysis, previously developed in general terms by Cacuci, into a form directly applicable to meteorological problems. This technique is illustrated by examining the sensitivity of a blocking index in a two-layer isentropic model. The index represents a response function for the sensitivity analysis that, unlike previous meteorological applications, is an operator and not a functional, and thus, extends the scope of adjoint sensitivity to general operator-type responses depending on time and/or space.

The sensitivity of the blocking index to perturbations introduced into the model atmosphere, as well as to model parameters, is discussed. The methodology of generalized adjoint sensitivity analysis described in this paper constitutes a prototype for further applications in the atmospheric and/or oceanic sciences.