Climate Analysis Branch Publications - 1994

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Bates, J. J., 1994: A decade of multispectral sea surface temperature observations from space. Adv. in Space Res., 14, 5-14. [Abstract]

Deser, C., 1994: Daily surface wind variations over the equatorial Pacific Ocean. J. Geophys. Res., 99, 23071-23078. [Abstract]

Diaz, H. F., 1994: Approaches for regionalization of precipitation climates in the context of global climate change monitoring. In Global Precipitations and Climate Change, M. Desbois and F. Desalmand (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, 201-217. [Abstract]

Diaz, H. F., and R. S. Pulwarty, 1994: An analysis of the time scales of variability in centuries-long ENSO-sensitive records in the last 1000 years. Climate Change, 26, 317-342. Reprinted in The Medieval Warm Period, M. K. Hughes and H. F. Diaz (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 317-342. [Abstract]

Feldstein, S. B., 1994: A weakly nonlinear primitive equation baroclinic life cycle. J. Atmos. Sci., 51, 23-34. [Abstract]

Feldstein, S. B., and W. R. Robinson, 1994: Comments on "Spatial structure of ultra-low frequency variability of the flow in a simple atmospheric circulation model" by I. N. James and P. M. James (October 1992, 118, 1211-1233). Quart. J. Roy. Met. Soc., 120, 739-745. [Abstract]

Gutzler, D., G. Kiladis, G. Meehl, K. Weickmann, and M. Wheeler, 1994: The global climate of December 1992-February 1993. Part II. Large-scale variability across the tropical western Pacific during TOGA COARE. J. Climate, 7, 1606-1622. [Introduction]

Hendon, H. H., and B. Liebmann, 1994: Organization of convection within the Madden-Julian Oscillation. J. Geophys. Res., 99, 8073-8083. [Abstract]

Hoerling, M. P., and M. Ting, 1994: On the organization of extratropical transients during El Niño. J. Climate, 7, 745-766. [Abstract]

Hughes, M. K., and H. F. Diaz, 1994: Was there a "Medieval Warm Period", and if so, where and when? Climate Change, 26, 109-142. Reprinted in The Medieval Warm Period, M. K. Hughes and H. F. Diaz (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 109-142. [Abstract]

Hughes, M. K., and H. F. Diaz (Eds.), 1994: The Medieval Warm Period. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 234 pp. [Back Cover]

Joseph, P. V., J. K. Eischeid, and R. J. Pyle, 1994: Interannual variability of the onset of the Indian summer monsoon and its association with atmospheric features, El Niño, and sea surface temperature anomalies. J. Climate, 7, 81-105. [Abstract]

Kiladis, G. N., and S. B. Feldstein, 1994: Rossby wave propagation into the tropics in two GFDL general circulation models. Climate Dyn., 9, 245-252. [Abstract]

Kiladis, G., G. Meehl and K. Weickmann, 1994: The large scale circulation associated with westerly wind bursts and deep convection over the western equatorial Pacific. J. Geophys. Res., 99, 18527-18544. [Abstract]

Liebmann, B., H. H. Hendon, and J. D. Glick, 1994: The relationship between tropical cyclones of the western Pacific and Indian oceans and the Madden-Julian oscillation. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 72, 401-412. [Abstract]

Penland, C., and L. Matrosova, 1994: A balance condition for stochastic numerical models with application to the El Niño - Southern Oscillation. J. Climate, 7, 1352-1372. [Abstract]

Stephens, G. L., D. L. Jackson, and J. J. Bates, 1994: A comparison of SSM/I and TOVS column water vapor data over the global oceans. Meteorol. Atmos. Phys., 54, 183-201. [Abstract]

Weickmann, K., and P. Sardeshmukh, 1994: The atmospheric angular momentum budget associated with a Madden-Julian oscillation. J. Atmos. Sci., 51, 3194-3208. [Abstract]

Whitaker, J. S., and C. A. Davis, 1994: Cyclogenesis in a saturated environment. J. Atmos. Sci., 51, 889-908. [Abstract]