Ferraro, R. R., E. A. Smith, W. Berg, and G. J. Huffman, 1998: A screening methodology for passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithms. J. Atmos. Sci., 55, 1583-1600.


The success of any passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithm relies on the proper identification of rain areas and the elimination of surface areas that produce a signature similar to that of precipitation. A discussion on the impact of and on methods that identify areas of rain, snow cover, deserts, and semiarid conditions over land, and rain, sea ice, strong surface winds, and clear, calm conditions over ocean, are presented. Additional artifacts caused by coastlines and Special Sensor Microwave/Imager data errors are also discussed, and methods to alleviate their impact are presented. The strengths and weaknesses of the "screening" techniques are examined through application on various case studies used in the WetNet PIP-2. Finally, a methodology to develop a set of screens for use as a common rainfall indicator for the intercomparison of the wide variety of algorithms submitted to PIP-2 is described.