ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory Seminars 2019

The PSL Seminar Series is typically held at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday's and features a mix of internal and external speakers. The goal of the series is to facilitate collaboration between PSL and external scientists. The series is co-sponsored by partners at CIRES.

These seminars are currently only held virtually. Connection information can be found on the individual announcements. If you have any questions about the series or would like to be added to our email list, please contact the coordinators at:

Date Seminar
05 Dec 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Riley Brady, PhD Candidate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at CU Boulder
Skillful multiyear predictions of ocean acidification in the California Current System
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
21 Nov 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Megan Fowler, CIRES and ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory
Global river responses to rising CO2: Separating the effects of physiological and radiative changes on streamflow and flooding
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
15 Nov 2019
Friday, 1:00 pm
Erin Dougherty, Colorado State University
Changes in future flood-producing storms in the U.S.
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
12 Nov 2019
Tuesday, 11:00 am
Shaun Lovejoy, Physics, McGill
The Fractional Energy Balance Equation, macroweather forecasts and climate projections
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
07 Nov 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Kim Slinski, University of Maryland
Earth Data for Monitoring and Forecasting Water Availability in Food Insecure Regions
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
24 Oct 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Vanda Grubišić, Director, NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory
Role of Observations in Complex Terrain Research: Progress, Challenges and New Observing Systems
Room GC402 (Contact: Tom Statz)
10 Oct 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Tara Jensen, National Center for Atmospheric Research and Developmental Testbed Center
Toward Unified Verification, Validation, and Diagnostics: Model Evaluation Tools (METplus)
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
09 Oct 2019
Wednesday, 3:00 pm
Frank Schwing, NOAA/NMFS
Time, Space, and Fish Scales: A “Tail” of Fishery Oceanography, Climate Change, and Ecosystem-based Management
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
26 Sep 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Janice Bytheway, CIRES and ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory
Evaluating Quantitative Precipitation Estimate Uncertainty for Use in Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Validation in Northern California
Room GC402 (Contact: Tom Statz)
12 Sep 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Lei Zhang, Postdoc Research Associate, CU Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
The Indo-Pacific Warm Pool Dipole and Its Impact on the MJO Propagation
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
29 Aug 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Large-scale flow patterns associated with long-duration extreme precipitation events in northern California
Room GC402 (Contact: Tom Statz)
22 Aug 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Dr. Andreas Behrendt, University of Hohenheim
Compact Automatic Rotational Raman Lidar for Day-and Nighttime Temperature and Humidity Profiling up to the Turbulence Scale
Room 2A305 (Contact: Tom Statz)
15 Aug 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Mark Serreze, National Snow and Ice Data Center, CIRES CU
Monthly Variability in Bering Strait Oceanic Volume and Heat Transports and Links to Atmospheric Circulation, Ocean Temperature and Sea Ice Conditions
Room GC-402 (Contact: Tom Statz)
01 Aug 2019
Thursday, 1:30 pm
Tom Hamill, NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory
The quality of and characteristics of errors in surface temperature analyses in global and regional data assimilation systems
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
23 Jul 2019
Tuesday, 11:00 am
Philip Brohan, Hadley Centre, UK Met Office
Weather forecasting without the difficult bits
Room GC402 (Contact: Tom Statz)
12 Jun 2019
Wednesday, 10:00 am
Mike Pritchard, Dept. of Earth System Sciences, University of California, Irvine
Looking ahead: Opportunities and quandaries facing large eddy-permitting superparameterization and machine learning emulation of cloud physics
Room 2A305 (Contact: Tom Statz)
04 Jun 2019
Tuesday, 1:00 pm
Cécile Penland, NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory
A Brief, Incomplete and Biased View of Stochastic Dynamics in Weather and Climate
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
09 May 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Lisa Bengtsson, CIRES and ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory
1) Implementation of the ECMWF cumulus convection scheme into the GFS, and 2) A stochastic approach to cumulus convection parameterization using cellular automata
Room GC402 (Contact: Tom Statz)
25 Apr 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Juliana Dias, CIRES and ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory
The influence of tropical forecast errors on higher latitude predictions
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
11 Apr 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Dave Turner , NOAA/ESRL Global Systems Laboratory
Temperature and Humidity Profiling from Ground-based Sensors Today: How Good Are These Observations?
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
28 Mar 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Taneil Uttal, NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory
The Year of Polar Prediction Supersite Model Intercomparison Project (YOPPsiteMIP) Relevance to the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories
Room 1D403 (Contact: Robbie Desen)
12 Mar 2019
Tuesday, 11:00 am
Naomi Goldenson, Postdoctoral Scholar, UCLA Center for Climate Science
Measuring and Explaining GCM Simulation of Extreme Precipitation
Room 2A-305 (Contact: )
01 Mar 2019
Friday, 11:00 am
Tom Hamill , NOAA/ESRL PSL
How ESRL/PSL will help NOAA advance extremes prediction at S2S time scales.
Room 1D403 (Contact: Madeline Sturgill)
28 Feb 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Paul Schlatter, Science and Operations Officer, National Weather Service Denver/Boulder Weather Forecast Office
Forecasting in Colorado
Room 2A305 (Contact: Robbie Desen)