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Dataset: Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.derived/surface_gauss/
Data Type: Grid
Data Size: 28.53 Mbytes
ID: Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.derived/surface_gauss/
OpenDAP Data Access Access dataset through OPeNDAP using the DAP2 protcol.
HTTPServer Data Access HTTP file download.
WCS Data Access Supports access to geospatial data as 'coverages'.
WMS Data Access Supports access to georegistered map images from geoscience datasets.
NetcdfSubset Data Access A web service for subsetting CDM scientific grid datasets.
ISO Metadata Provide ISO 19115 metdata representation of a dataset's structure and metadata.
NCML Metadata Provide NCML representation of a dataset.
UDDC Metadata An evaluation of how well the metadata contained in the dataset conforms to the NetCDF Attribute Convention for Data Discovery (NACDD)
Godiva3 Browser
default_viewer.ipynb Jupyter Notebook The TDS default viewer attempts to plot any Variable contained in the Dataset.
  • modified : 2021-07-27T16:27:37.145Z
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