ESRL/PSD Seminar Series

NOTE: Special Monday Seminar

Incorporating Weather and Climate Information into Corps Sacramento District Reservoir Operations

Stu Townsley, US Army Corps of Engineers


The Water Management Section in the Corps Sacramento District is responsible for either the direct operation or the operational oversight of 48 dams that have Federal flood control responsibility. The District covers the California Central Valley, along with Utah and the upper Colorado system including Blue Mesa. Operational decisions incorporate many NOAA/RFC products, and often result from coordination among other Federal, State and local agencies.

The presentation will cover some basics on the Sacramento Districts reservoir operations and the forecast products used in making release decisions. I will also give an overview of two current efforts to incorporate forecast information into real-time decision support systems. The efforts are on the Feather-Yuba system and on the American River. Finally, I will discuss some preliminary information from an office study looking at potential climate impacts on reservoir operations at Shasta, Oroville and New Bullards Bar.

PSD-South Conference Room (1D403)
Monday, 17 March 2008
2:00 pm Gather for refreshments at 1:50 pm

Co-sponsored by Western Water Assessment This Spring and Summer ESRL/PSD and WWA will be inviting several speakers working at the intersection of weather and climate information with water resource management.

SECURITY: If you are coming from outside the NOAA campus, please be advised that you will need an on-site sponsor. Please contact that person in advance of the seminar to be put on the list and allow 10 minutes extra on the day of the seminar. Please contact Joe Barsugli (303-497-6042) or Barbara Herrli (303-497-3876) at least a day before the seminar if you have any questions.