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Boulder, CO 80305-3328

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Director's Office

Main Office
Robert Webb, Director
Brian Gorton, Deputy Director
Judith Perlwitz, Associate Director for Research
Diane Lowder, Admin. Specialist

Budget and Administration
Tina Schiffbauer, Administrative Officer

Information Technology
Nick Wilde, Senior IT Manager

Ian Spring, Communications Specialist

Research Divisions

Atmosphere–Ocean Processes and Predictability
Mike Alexander, Division Chief

Boundary Layer Observations and Processes
Gary Wick, Division Chief

Data, Instrumentation, and Field Campaigns
Allen White, Division Chief

Hydrology Applications
Rob Cifelli, Division Chief

Model and Data Assimilation
Jeff Whitaker, Division Chief

Research Partnership Programs

National Integrated Drought Information System
Veva Deheza, Executive Director

U.S. Arctic Observing Network
Sandy Starkweather