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North Sierras 8-station Precipitation Index

The time-series shows Northern Sierras precipitation (high elevation) by combining 8 different stations into a single index. the stations are Mt. Shasta City (3600'), Shasta Dam (1077'), Mineral (4032'), Brush Creek RS (3153'), Quincy (3432'), Sierraville RS (4957'), Pacific House (3396'), and Blue Canyon (4695'). Also see the Central Sierras and South Sierras precipitation indices.

Recent precipitation compared to "normal"

Time Interval: Monthly
Time Coverage: 1925 to 2017
Update Status: Not regularly updated

Get Data:

N Sierras Index: Standard PSL Format (What is standard format?)

Data is from the California department of water resources. It can be plotted here: Original historic values are here. Recent updates are here. Values between the 2 are here.

  1. Please cite the California Department of Water resources

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