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Analyze & Plot Long Range Climate Timeseries

Plot, analyze and compare different monthly mean climate timeseries.
You may wish to choose "anomalies" when correlating time-series if they don't already have a monthly climatological mean removed. Otherwise the seasonal cycle of the data may impact the correlations (may or may not be desirable).

Timeseries 1? Time series info

Timeseries 2?

Year range? (1854 to present): to

Plot timeseries
For two timeseries, One y axis, Two y axis
Statistic: Mean   Anomaly (1981-2010 climo) Standardized Anomaly
Type of Plot: Line   Boxes
Optional: Climatology Bounds to
Optional Set y range: to ( Set 2nd y range: to )
Optional Apply Running Mean to monthly values:: months (use odd number)
Correlate two time series
Lag of 1st time series? Positive lag values indicate 1st timeseries lags 2nd; negative lag values means 1st leads second.

Correlate using?All months or seasons in time-series (1 value) Each months or season calculated separately
Plot autocorrelation function
Plot Cross correlation function
For all actions:
Time Averaging?Monthly   Seasonal Average only First Month of season: Second:

Please reference timeseries use in publications!

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