DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program

Investigations of the Microphysical, Radiative, and Dynamical Properties of Mixed-Phase Clouds.
PI: Matthew Shupe (U. Colorado)

Project Abstract

Papers Under This Grant (2006 - Present)

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Presentations and Posters

  1. Extended Abstract: 2005 ARM Science Team Meeting
    Arctic Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties Derived from Surface-Based Sensors.
  2. Poster: 2005 ARM Science Team Meeting
    Arctic Mixed-phase Cloud Properties Derived from Surface-Based Sensors.
  3. Poster: 2006 ARM Science Team Meeting
    Towards a Characterization of Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds.
  4. Presentation: 2007 ARM Science Team Meeting
    Vertical Motion and Microphysics in Arctic Mixed-Phase Stratus.
  5. Poster: 2007 ARM Science Team Meeting
    Vertical Motions in Arctic Mixed-Phase Stratus.
  6. Poster: 2008 ARM Science Team Meeting
    An Evaluation of Cloud Microphysics and Radiation Calculations at the NSA.
  7. Poster: 2009 ARM Science Team Meeting
    A Comparison of Spring and Fall Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds.
  8. Poster: 2010 ARM Science Team Meeting
    Observing Mixed-Phase Cloud Microphysical-Dynamical Processes.
  9. Poster: 2011 ASR Science Team Meeting
    Dynamical and Microphysical Characteristics and Interactiosn in Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds.
  10. Poster: 2012 ASR Science Team Meeting
    Turbulence Profiles and Cloud-Surface Coupling in Arctic Stratiform Clouds.

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