Atmospheric River Portal

Access information, images, analyses, diagnostics of current conditions, forecasts, and projects related to atmospheric rivers (ARs).

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SSMI Water Vapor Imagery »

Latest integrated water vapor, cloud liquid water, and rain rate.

GOES West Satellite Imagery »

Infrared, visible, and water vapor satellite images.

AR Precipitation Observations »

Gridded precipitation products at several timescales.

AR Observatories »

Analyses of water vapor flux, radar and disdrometer, and snow level.

Integrated Water Vapor »

Experimental tool using NCEP's GFS and NAM systems.

Probabilistic Landfall Tool »

Magnitude, probability, and timing of West Coast AR conditions.

Integrated Water Vapor Flux »

Experimental tool using NCEP Global Forecast System.

Precipitation Forecasts »

Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts from NCEP/WPC & GFS.