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AMS Special Issues Arising from ISARS 2012

The Chief Editors of both the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, and the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology have agreed to Special Issues containing selected peer-reviewed papers arising from ISARS 2012 presentations. Each of these two Special Issues will publish papers strictly in the AMS "Expedited Contributions" format. This format limits contributions to:
  1. Length of no more than 2500 words (approximately nine double-spaced pages), including the manuscript body through appendices, but not abstract, figure caption list, or references, and
  2. Not have more than a combined tables and figures total of six. (See Authors' Guide for more detailed information.)

The details of the submission process are still to be finalised, but it is expected that Professor Stuart Bradley and Dr. Sabine von Hünerbein will act as Joint Guest Editors for both Special Issues, and that normal AMS journal peer review processes will be followed.

It would be helpful for planning if you are interested in submitting one or more manuscripts to email Stuart and Sabine and indicate tentative manuscript titles and journal.

ISARS will shortly follow up with an announcement of the submission process.