Summit Acknowledgements

The funding for the Integrated Characterization of Energy, Clouds, Atmospheric state, and Precipitation at Summit (ICECAPS) project has been largely provided by the National Science Foundation's Arctic Observing Network (AON) Program (Program Manager:Martin Jeffries;Grants: 0856773 to U. Idaho, 0904152 to U. Wisconsin, and 0856559 to U. Colorado). Additional operational support is given by the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory. Instruments for the project have been provided by the Universities of Idaho, Wisconsin, and Colorado, the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories, the DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program, and Environment Canada.

Metadata for each data stream are contained on the NSF-AON-supported Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (CADIS) data portal:

Principle Investigators for ICECAPS are:Von Walden -- University of Idaho, David Turner -- NOAA National Severe Storms Lab, and Matthew Shupe -- University of Colorado/NOAA ESRL.We would like to thank the large team of people who have supported the project, including: CH2M Hill Polar Field Services, Katrine Gorham, Brad Halter, Chris Cox, Lance Roth, Mark Kulie, Erik Olson, Aronne Merrelli, Nate Miller, Maria Caddedu, Taneil Uttal, William Neff, Scott Abbott, Duane Hazen, Dan Wolfe, Ryan Neely, Mike O'Neill, Matt Okraszewski, and Ben Castellani.

The work described here was performed by the NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory. Comments, questions and suggestions should be directed to Matthew Shupe.

Mobile science facility at Summit, Greenland
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