SHEBA Cloud Data

Version 2 (January 2004)

This site provides retrievals of cloud water content and droplet/crystal size based on 35-GHz radar measurements collected during the Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean (SHEBA) Program. The radar data sets were collected between October 20, 1997 and October 1, 1998 from the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Des Grosseilliers as it drifted with the ice in the Arctic Ocean. SHEBA was a comprehensive ocean-ice-atmosphere observing program supported primarily by the National Science Foundation.

Contributors to this project as well as information on how these data sets should be referenced and acknowledged can be viewed in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.

A BROWSER allows viewing of:

  1. Radar reflectivity, microwave radiometer-derived liquid water path, and rawinsonde data
  2. Cloud type classification masks
  3. Ice particle and/or droplet sizes
  4. Ice and/or liquid water contents
  5. Lidar backscatter and depolarization ratios
  6. Radar reflectivity, mean Doppler velocity, and spectral width
  7. Radiometer brightness temperatures (IR at 10.6-11.3 um and microwave at 23.8 and 31.4 GHz)

Data is also stored in the NETCDF format with one file/day. The VERSION NOTES provide important information on how the theoretical techniques to retrieve cloud properties were applied to the input data sets. It is highly recommended that the user read these version notes carefully.

A REFERENCE section provides information on publications that describe instruments, retrieval techniques, and NSF, NASA, and DOE programs that have supported this work.

Version 1 was released on November 30, 2001 to the National Science Foundation JOSS-CODIAC Archive. Version 2 includes updates and modifications to Version 1.