Obtain file of Boulder daily data


File contains Boulder daily maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation, snowfall and snow cover data and can be read with the fortran code segment below or any other way that is convenient. File has documentation at the bottom and a line at the top that should be read in.

do i=1,number_of_days

read(iunit,900)iyear,month, iday, imax_temp, imin_temp, precip, snowfall, snowdepth
900 format(1x,i4,1x,i2,1x,i2,i7,i7,f8.2,f8.1,i7)


  • Temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit and snow and precipitation are in inches.
  • Precipitation is the total liquid equivalent of all forms of precipitation (rain, snow, hail,...).
  • Missing values are indicated by -998.0.
  • Trace values (less than 1/10 for snow and 1/100 for rain) are indicated by -999.0.
  • File starts in 1897 though snow doesn't start until August 1948.

File is usually updated through the last full month. Email me if file is significantly behind (> 5 days after the 1st of the month).


Get file with Boulder data from 1897 about 2M
(can be read via Excel)


For help in reading the file, please contact PSL data through email at psl.data@noaa.gov.


We have Boulder station history available.