Visualize NOAA-CIRES 20th Century Reanalysis version 2c Monthly Averages Data (Specify dimension values)

Select the HELP for additional help. If you find that the plotting process only produces a blank page: Commonly, this problem is caused by requesting too large a subset. The process for making the subset has to work on one year's file at a time, and HTTP protocol cannot wait that long, so the web browser is left with nothing to display (hence, the blank page). The solution is to break the request into smaller chunks (it's usually easiest to do this along the time axis). If you need to concatenate the pieces back together on your end, the tool "ncrcat" in the NCO suite of NetCDF operators will help (
Selected file:/Datasets/20thC_ReanV2c/Monthlies/monolevel_sprd/
Variable: cldwtr (Cloud Water Content)
Variable units: kg/m^2
Statistic: Ensemble Spread

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time: Range:1851Jan(Monthly)
time: Range:2014Dec

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