NOAA Climate Attribution

Climate Attribution Team

Photo of Marty Hoerling
Marty Hoerling
Meteorologist specializing in the diagnosis of climate predictability, ocean influences on climate, and the attribution of climate variability and change.
Photo of Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar
Meteorologist Seasonal Predictions and Predictability; Atmospheric Response in GCMs to different boundary forcings; Air-sea interaction; Attribution of seasonal climate anomalies.
Photo of Tom Knutson
Tom Knutson
Hurricanes and climate change; climate change detection.
Photo of Mike McPhaden
Mike McPhaden
Interested in the tropical ocean's role in climate.
Photo of Dave Enfield
Dave Enfield
How to improve boreal summer forecasts of rainfall and hurricanes by improving our seasonal outlook for the spring-to-early summer development of the Atlantic warm pool.
Photo of David Easterling
David Easterling
Analysis of observed climate variability and change, development of climate change scenarios for use in climate impacts assessment, development of methods of homogeneity analysis for climatic time series.
Photo of Tom Karl
Tom Karl
Observed climate variations and changes.
Photo of Chris Landsea
Chris Landsea
Hurricane climate variability and change.
Photo of Jim O'Brien
Jim O'Brien
Climate variability of Tropical Oceans and Continental United States.
Photo of Mike Alexander
Mike Alexander
Air-sea-ice interactions and their impact on climate variability.
Photo of Antonietta Capotondi
Antonietta Capotondi
Role of ocean dynamics in climate variability at interannual to interdecadal timescales.
Photo of Randy Dole
Randy Dole
Photo of Jon Eischeid
Jon Eischeid
Photo of Don Murray
Don Murray
Photo of Kathy Pegion
Kathy Pegion
Photo of Philip Pegion
Philip Pegion
The role of sea-surface temperature variability on climate
Photo of Judith Perlwitz
Judith Perlwitz
Dynamical troposphere-stratosphere coupling and the role of the stratosphere in climate and climate change.
Photo of Xiaowei Quan
Xiaowei Quan
Photo of Andrea Ray
Andrea Ray
Photo of Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith
Web and data resources; ENSO climate relationships.
Photo of Dezheng Sun
De-zheng Sun
Climatic Role of Water Vapor and Clouds, Atmosphere-Ocean Coupling, Global Climate Modeling
Photo of Robert Webb
Robert Webb
Drought, Paleoclimate, and Climate Change
Photo of Klaus Weickmann
Klaus Weickmann
Photo of Klaus Wolter
Klaus Wolter
ENSO diagnostics (MEI), Western U.S. regional climates, statistical climate prediction (SWcasts).
Photo of Taiyi Xu
Taiyi Xu
Photo of Tao Zhang
Tao Zhang