Laser Ceilometer

The Laser Ceilometer is a general-purpose cloud height sensor employing LIDAR (Light Detecting and Ranging) technology for the detection of clouds, precipitation and other obstructions to vision. Two different model ceilometers have been used during research cruises: a Vaisala CT25k and a Vaisala CL31. Both models operate on the same principals and are capable of reporting up to three cloud layers simultaneously. Cloud base is detected reliably in fog, rain, snow and haze. In case the cloud base is obscured, the ceilometers measure and report the vertical visibility.

Vertical resolution: 10m
Range: 0-7.5 km
Temporal resolution: normally 15s or 30s

The messages generated, including cloud height and instrument status information, are automatically transmitted from the ceilometer to a controller, a display unit or to a central computer.

For more information about the Vaisala CT25k please read CT25K.pdf

For more information about the Vaisala CL31 please read CL31.pdf

Contact: Daniel E. Wolfe
Last Modified June 23, 2011