Problems Downloading FTP files

Browsers are ending their support of FTP links. If you can't download files via a browser, you have a few options.

  1. Try another browser. Firefox, for example may still work.
  2. Use a command line application. "ncftp", for example works well. Copy the link and use 'ncftpget link'. Or go to and cd to the directory in the link. Note that, an older name, is currently still supported.
  3. Use a stand alone application such as cyberduck or FileZilla.
  4. We have set up a system that allows users to access our files via https. So, users can use wget or curl or obtain the files from a browser. Go to The paths are the same as the ftp link after changing the prefix 'ftp://ftp2' to 'https://downloads' in the link.

Please email if you have questions